Uruli’s (or Urali’s) are dished cooking vessels used primarily in Indian temples throughout Kerala State. They are made of ‘Bell metal’ which is a form of bronze. These items are very expensive even in India due to their construction being cast bronze. A large Uruli can take up to six men to lift. They are still made today and the new Uruli are very attractive however a small number of old Uruli’s become available when Temples go through a refurbishment process which normally occurs every 200 years. When available, these old Uruli’s are valued on firstly their size and secondly their degree of ornate work cast into the outer surface. Uruli’s of more than 1 meter across are very rare and accordingly very expensive to buy. Pushkar Trading would have one of the largest ranges of Uruli’s to be found outside of Kerala State.
Uses; A Uruli can be used as a fire pit but do look spectacular as a garden bowl which when filled with soil and water can have miniature Water lilies grown in them. The smaller Uruli’s also look fantastic as an indoor ornament as floating flower bowls or again with water lilies.