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Arrived in Delhi, weather was hot and sticky but I have come to expect this of this amazing country. New Delhi is where you will find the western world has arrived. Very modern in most parts. Then you travel to the Old world Delhi and this is where you will find nothing much has changed over the centuries only the old cables which I am sure are not this century. A must do is the old spice market. The group I took absolutely loved this and wanted to stay longer.

Onto Jaipur we drove, palaces aren’t just monuments, they’re homes too. A seven-course meal isn’t a feast, it’s just dinner, and anything that’s less than a century old is modern. Jaipur was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II, a Kachwaha Rajput, who moved his capital here from Amer, some 11 kilometres away. After years of meticulous planning, the construction of Jaipur – the City of Victory – began in 1727. Today, the past remains very visible in the city’s dusty, bustling streets, its filigreed windows and majestic forts. This is where textiles were born I am sure. My group bought that many textiles, they needed another bag. Amber fort is a must do in this city.

Onto Jodhpur we travelled, right in the middle of the desert and where the largest military base is in India. Surrounded by a huge fortress wall with bastions, the striking blue buildings in Jodhpur contrast sharply and beautifully with the neighbouring Thar Desert. Exploring the palaces, forts and temples kept us busy and in awe of the city’s historic grandeur. Bazaars offer a range of beautiful textiles, embroidered leather goods, lacquerware, antiques, carpets, puppets and figurines. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination and a convenient base for travel in the region.

Onto Mumbai which is called the gateway to India. Fantastic place and well worth the visit. Stayed at the Taj Mahal Gateway and enjoyed the old world charm. They grow lovely roses and had these displayed daily at the hotel. There is still plenty of shopping to do here in this city or you can do a boat ride out to the elephant caves. Also a must is the actual Gateway and this is a historical site.

amber fort ariel jaipur


old Spice Market 1

Old spice Market

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